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"The Fio System has been an integral part in helping PMC meet its objectives. The Deki Readers and Deki Phones allowed us to identify cases and transmit records from remote clinics and the Portal provided timely data and reporting tools to support decision making at the departmental and national levels. PMC has decided to scale the system across the entire program in its scope, as well as recommend and support it to the National Malaria Control Program."

—Dr. Edison Soto, Former Manager, Proyecto Malaria Colombia

Deki Reader 4

Fio Corporation

Fio Corporation addresses two of the biggest problems in infectious diseases, the world's leading cause of death and economic disruption: inadequate diagnosis and care by health workers, and inadequately informed resource allocation by health managers and funders.

Fio-net turns every point-of-care diagnostic interaction, occurring hundreds of millions of times yearly, into simultaneous data-gathering moments that are fully integrated with secure, comprehensive, disseminated cloud information services. Fio-net, suitable to minimal infrastructure environments and minimally trained health workers, transforms healthcare delivery and systemic efficiency.

Fio's pricing model, designed for easy adoption, scalability, and affordability, charges on data-related transactions with high volumes spread across many parties. Fio has chosen to partner with local entrepreneurs and innovators for distribution, thereby contributing to local economies and local skill development as well as contributing a solution to local healthcare. Contact us for details on pricing and commercial availability.

Fio has created excitement in the infectious disease sector everywhere Fio-net has been presented. Responses by WHO, the Global Fund, UNITAID, USAID, military medical commands in the US, Russia, and Tanzania, NGOs, diagnostic and informatics corporations, the world's largest healthcare investment bank, and installation requests from dozens of public and private health providers in the market attest to Fio's uniqueness and commercial utility.

Fio is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Fio is led by an experienced management team which has built a half-dozen leading global companies and has attracted a skilled and passionate team of process-oriented engineers, scientists, and clinicians who have executed technology, regulatory, IP, and market validation with exemplary results.

Fio has known from the start that in order to succeed in its chosen mission it is not enough to organize talent and invent technology; to reach its full potential, it will also need the energies of great networks of people and institutions. Contact us for partnering opportunities.