Fio Chairman & CEO gives WIRED Health talk on combining diagnostics and data capture – Full video available

Fio Chairman Michael Greenberg says that to get elusive data critical for managing vast healthcare spending, give health workers smart devices to help diagnose and treat patients first, and capture data as a side-benefit.

In a video just released by WIRED UK, Fio Corporation Chairman and CEO Michael Greenberg said that lack of timely, precise metrics associated with the trillions of dollars spent annually in decentralized healthcare delivery makes waste inevitable and literally incalculable: “Show me a system with poor feedback and I’ll show you tons of waste,” he said at the inaugural WIRED Health event in London, UK.

Healthcare IT systems — complex, massive, top-down, infrastructure-heavy systems — exist mostly in centralized facilities, such as hospitals and medical centers. However, the vast majority of patients are seen and the vast majority of money is spent in decentralized settings, Dr. Greenberg explained, such as clinics, health posts, and offices, from which only minuscule data is captured. The reason comes down to health workers: if they don’t capture the data, no-one gets the data; but their job is to deliver care, not capture data.

Watch Dr. Michael Greenberg’s WIRED Health talk on how to get crucial, but elusive data for managing healthcare delivery.
Watch Dr. Michael Greenberg’s WIRED Health talk on how to get crucial, but elusive data for managing healthcare delivery.


Fio gives health workers a device that helps them do what they’re supposed to do, and what they want to do — deliver better care, said Dr. Greenberg. Once integrated into workflow to deliver care, that same device automates and streamlines the “bottom-up” capture of valuable data.

Using any mobile-phone network, the device automatically and securely uploads the data to a cloud database, which authorized stakeholders can access via secure web portals.

Dr. Greenberg shared examples of impactful data gathered by this system, which Fio calls Fionet™.

“When you link automated and streamlined data capture to clinical diagnostic devices you get a Niagara of data,” Dr. Greenberg told WIRED Health attendees. “This remarkable data… is here because it automatically flows from regular health workers, doing their routine job.”

Fio delivers these information services via a subscription business model, based on what mobile network operators and software-as-a-service providers have successfully deployed in nearly every economy worldwide.

About WIRED Health 

Designed to introduce, explain and predict the coming trends facing the medical and personal health industries, WIRED Health gathered insight from scientists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders crafting the future of health. The one-day summit hosted by WIRED UK covered a variety of topics including: data-driven health; personalized medicine and genomics; synthetic biology and 3D printing; bionics and robotics; neuromedicine; and tackling diseases and new vaccines.

About Fio Corporation

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Fio Corporation is a software-as-a-service company focused on infectious disease management in decentralized facilities, such as public and private clinic chains, medical offices, retail pharmacy clinics, or health posts (collectively, point of care) in developed, emerging, and developing economies alike.

Fio is the first mover to automate the capture of accurate, large-scale data directly from point of care and supply it to managers, funders, suppliers, administrators, and stakeholders anywhere in the world within minutes. Fio’s solution, Fionet™, connects ground truth directly to planning, execution, and evaluation.

Integrating mobile smart diagnostic devices with cloud information services, Fio simultaneously meets the needs for remote tracking and on-the-spot care. Operating at the nexus of data and the decentralization of care and testing, Fionet generates accurate, complete, timely data for all interconnected stakeholders, while at the same time improving the quality of care provided by individual health workers to individual patients.

Michael Greenberg, MD Fio Chairman & CEO
Michael Greenberg, MD Fio Chairman & CEO.

About Fio Chairman and CEO, Michael M. Greenberg, MD 

Michael Greenberg has devoted his career to developing and commercializing technological innovations in health care.

Trained in neurosurgery, Michael was Chairman and CEO of Cedara Software (formerly I.S.G. Technologies), prior to founding Fio in 2006. Under his leadership, the company grew from a start-up to a global provider of medical imaging software for many of the world’s leading medical equipment manufacturers. While at Cedara, Michael pioneered the Viewing Wand™, establishing the global market for image-guided surgery systems.

Michael has advised numerous other innovative companies in cardiology, orthopedics, dialysis, and nuclear pharmaceuticals, helping them grow from prototype to commercialization.

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