Fionet embeds data capture into routine care delivery.

Fionet connects mobile companion devices that guide diagnosis, treatment and record keeping with web-based tools for remote oversight and reporting.


Mobile companion devices provide:

  • In-process quality control checks
  • Configurable workflows for standardizing care delivery and data capture

Web-based tools provide:

  • Timely, accurate and complete records from individual patient visits
  • Reports generated from aggregated, primary data
  • Two-way messaging with companion devices
  • Data transfer and IT integration

Fionet mobile software is designed for use with standard Android devices (phones or tablets) and the Deki Reader. The Deki Reader is a rugged, in vitro diagnostic device for use with commercially available lateral flow immunoassays (commonly known as rapid diagnostic tests). The Deki Reader provides step-by-step guidance for performing rapid diagnostic tests and delivers an objective analysis of results. Meanwhile, Fionet provides test-by-test traceability.

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