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Embed data capture into routine workflow.

Fionet connects mobile companion devices that guide diagnosis, treatment and record keeping with web-based tools for remote oversight and reporting.

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Improve field performance and oversight of rapid diagnostic testing.

The Deki Reader provides step-by-step guidance for performing rapid diagnostic tests and delivers an objective analysis of results. Meanwhile, Fionet provides test-by-test traceability.

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Latest news
Fio debuts multiplex rapid test reader with integrated data system at MEDICA 2015
Fio Corporation will make its first-ever appearance this year at MEDICA, the world’s largest annual medical trade fair, with an exhibit showcasing its integrated diagnostic and data technology ... [more]
Ebola preparedness work highlighted in the Denver Post
In a follow-up to previous articles in the Denver Post and Daily Camera, reporter Alicia Wallace spoke with Asher Greenberg, Fio's Ebola project coordinator, about ongoing work with Corgenix Medical Corp to contribute to a global [more]
Fio Chairman & CEO gives WIRED Health talk on combining diagnostics and data capture – Full video available
Fio Chairman Michael Greenberg says that to get elusive data critical for managing vast healthcare spending, give health workers smart devices to help diagnose and treat patients first, and capture data as a side-benefit. In a [more]
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