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DekiMobile smartreaders integrated with cloud information services: a powerful way to manage infectious diseases

Fio-net is a comprehensive health care delivery and management system, comprising three fully integrated components: Deki, Spiri and airFio.

Deki mobile software applications and companion devices for health workers guide clinical workflow for greater efficiency and appropriate case management; provide step-by-step guidance in RDT processing and reading, reducing error; capture patient and worker information; record and transmit all data to airFio, via the local mobile phone network.

Fio SystemDeki is designed for use with standard Android phones, tablets, and the Deki Reader—a rugged, mobile in vitro diagnostic device, which interprets commercially available infectious disease RDTs.

airFio is Fio's secure cloud database, which stores point-of-care data, wirelessly transmitted by Deki over the local mobile phone network.

Spiri is the gateway, via standard computer or tablet web browsers, to airFio, and Fio's menu of cloud information services.

Fio-net enables higher quality healthcare delivery at the point of care while simultaneously converting all diagnostic interactions, occurring hundreds of millions of times yearly, into data-gathering moments, fully integrated with secure, comprehensive, and timely cloud information services. Fio-devicesnet helps health workers improve infectious disease diagnosis and case management at the point of care (POC) and helps health program managers make timely, data-driven resource allocation decisions.


8 countries on 3 continents and counting
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State-of-the-art data security
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Delivering innovative quality measures at POC
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Healthcare worker doing test with a Deki Reader Data security Healthcare worker doing test with Deki in a remote location